Welcome to the portal to activate your VISA card.

You are one step away from activating your VISA card!

Please read the following instructions carefully to activate and operate your VISA card correctly:

  • If your card does not have CHIP, it does NOT need PIN.
  • If in any establishment you are asked for a PIN and your card does not have a CHIP, you must press the green key twice on the POS terminal.
  • Your card does not allow cash withdrawals at ATMs.
  • When attempting to make purchases by value greater than the amount of the card, you will not be able to make the purchase.
  • You can check your balance and movements at www.moneytopay.com

To activate your card, you must enter the CARD ID of the card, you can find it here:

Once you finish this process, your card will be enabled within a maximum period of 72 working hours.


You can check your balance and transactions at any ATM in the following locations "la Caixa" or here and without the need to enter a PIN.