Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do if I no longer have the letter that accompanied my card?

You can get help by reading some of these Frequently Asked Questions. The letter contained instructions for activation and use of the card. Our Customer Service can help you with this query by sending an email to

What happens to lost, damaged or stolen cards?

Cards should be treated as cash. Cards that are lost, stolen or damaged after issuance and receipt will not be replaced. If you receive a card with a manufacturing defect, please contact our Customer Service and we will replace it as appropriate.

Can I buy a card?

The cards we offer are for corporate distribution and cannot be purchased for personal use.

Card activation

How can I activate my card?

All you have to do is access the website, which appears in the letter that accompanied the card you received, and follow the instructions indicated. If you do not activate your card within the defined activation period, the card will expire and, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use, the card balance will be cancelled and will no longer be available.

Where are the codes I am asked to activate my card?

You will find the required information on the back of the card.

Why can't I activate my card?

Cards must be activated following the instructions in the letter by filling out the form on the website. Be sure to provide all the required information correctly. You can ask us any question you may have by sending an email to

After activation of my card, how long will it take before I can use it?

You must wait a minimum of 72 working hours, starting the day after activating your card, to be able to use it.

Card usage and balance

Where and how can I use the card?

You can use your card at any merchant that accepts VISA, subject to the merchant's criteria. To make a purchase, swipe your card at the point of sale, then press Continue, OK or the Green Key (No PIN required).

Can I use my card for online purchases?

You will not be able to use the card for online purchases that require double validation, as it is not associated with any cell phone (sending SMS confirmation of the transaction).

How long do I have to use my card after activation?

The period of validity of the card after activation is shown in the field "VALID THRU" on the back of the card.

What happens if a fraudulent transaction that I did not make shows up on my card?

If a fraudulent transaction has been made with your card, you should contact us immediately, so that we can request that the card be blocked. You can dispute any transactions that you have not made by contacting the merchant that processed the transaction or the local authorities directly.

How can I check my balance and transactions?

You can check your balance at any Caixabank ATM, or on the website

Can I use this card to make payments on account?

At the discretion of the facility, this card may be used for payments on account related to items and services (e.g., hotel rooms). However, funds used for this purpose will not be available again until 30 days after the card has been returned to the card for payment on account (a longer period than many cards). We recommend that these cards not be used for payments on account.

What other additional fees apply for the use of my card?

Transactions made in the currency in which the card was issued do not incur any additional fees. However, additional fees apply for international transactions. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Can I reload my card?

These cards can only be recharged by the card issuer, not by the cardholder.

Can I use my card abroad?

Yes, you can use your card abroad, as long as the establishment accepts this means of payment. But remember that additional charges apply for international transactions.

How many transactions can I make with this card?

You can make as many transactions as you wish with the card, as long as there is sufficient balance available on the card.

What happens if the card is lost, expires or gets damaged?

The card will not be replaced in case of expiration, theft, loss or damage.

Can I withdraw cash?

No, the cards cannot be used at ATMs or banks for cash withdrawals. Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or used to purchase cash in any way.

Are there any daily or per transaction limits on card usage?

No, the funds available on the card can be spent at one time or over multiple transactions, without any limit, until the available balance is exhausted.

Do I have to spend the full amount of my card at once?

No, the funds available on the card can be spent at one time or over multiple transactions without any limit.

What will happen if the purchase amount exceeds the balance on my card?

When you make a purchase, you should know the available balance on your card to ensure that you have sufficient funds to make the purchase. In case the amount of a purchase you wish to make using your card is higher than the available balance, most establishments will let you pay the difference in cash or using another payment method. Otherwise, the transaction will be declined.

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